People (updated 4th Oct, 2019)

PI, Stephanie Palmer, PhD (also too cool to have the same picture as the rest of us)
Graduate Student, Nathan Buerkle, CON Program
Graduate Student, Amar Risbud, BPHS Program – joint with Mark Westneat
Graduate Student, Vedant Sachdeva, BPHS Program – joint with Arvind Murugan
Graduate Student, Ben Hoshal, CNS Program
Undergraduate, Albert Chen
Undergraduate, Danielle Damon
Rotation Student, Adam Kline
Rotation Student, Sohrob Salimian

Bachelors Students (not pictured)
Robin Peter
Neha Lingareddy
Ben Lyo

Alumni (not pictured)
Don Ho
Ilyas Patanam
Julia Mills
Björn Beyer
Eyal Nitzany
Audrey Sederberg
Erica Westerman
Hanna Torrence
Heather Yee
Joseph Lombardo
Vaughn Spurrier
Jared Salisbury